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Shared Hosting


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

High-speed Server, Reliable Super-micro servers with powerful Intel processors

Safe and Secured

Weekly backup, Antivirus, anti spam & DDoS protection

Our Dedicated Support

Control service, Communication with the director, Evaluation of answers and Quick Response

We Offer


Premium Features

We offer Weekly backup. High availability 24/7 technical support. We provide Mailbox and Mail client. Great speed of loading website.

Application Hosting

This allows you to easily implement the most ambitious web-applications projects. Fast loading applications will appreciate not only users but also search engines.

Unlimited Mailboxes

Super Fast email hosting service provides an unlimited number of mailboxes.

24/7 Technical Support

We provide the best technical support for our clients. Our support team is always available to serve you. We assure that your problems are addressed and you are 100% satisfied.

Application Hosting Services

This service enables you to simply execute the complex web-apps projects quickly. Both the search engines and users always appreciate the fast loading web applications.


We use high-level secure software that preserves client data from virus and hacker’s strikes.

Secure Hosting with Free Tools

We offer value added web hosting with free SEO Tools, hundreds of free templates, Website Transfer, SSL and free domain of your choice with dedicated IP.

cPanel Customization

We provide advanced AWStats cPanel accounts to our all users.

Best Database Web Hosting

PHP 5.6 – 7.2 CGI, Fast CGI, Perl, Python Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, SSH Access Cron, Job Scheduling


Shared Hosting Capra Hosting helps people create their dream website by providing exceptionally cheap, high-quality hosting with excellent features and professional online support. Regardless of where you are on your journey through the Internet, you should know that today you can easily buy hosting and get all the benefits of premium hosting.

Shared Web hosting is the type of internet hosting service where organizations, individuals and firms host their websites. Shared hosting packages are best for those who want affordable hosting deal. No need to pay high amount each month. Juts pick any of our plans and start building your presence on internet. You will get most reliable servers in the hosting world. It is not a statement it is our pride and prestigious feature.

Distribution of Resources for shared web hosting

It is the type of web hosting, where number of websites present on one web server for other people to view and they are connected to the internet. In short words we can say that in shared web hosting, there is one powerful server and multiple websites. And all the resources are equally distributed among the users.

And for the sites with high traffic, dedicated hosting is also available on very affordable rates.


As its name shows, the hosting which is dedicated to only single server and single user hosted the whole site without sharing it with anyone As it name else.

CAPRAHOST shared Hosting Packages                   

If you are looking the sites which provide best shared hosting, than you are at the right place. Caprahost site is the best site which offers reliable features to their customers. It stands on the demands of the customers. It creates a strong, healthy, staging and respectful environment among the customers and its own team.

Caprahost site have served the following web hosting:

1.  Shared web hosting.

2.  WordPress hosting.

3.  VPS hosting.

4.  Dedicated server.

Caprahost site comes with great and affordable shared hosting plans, along with wonderful features.

In this article we will discuss the best features of shared hosting plans which are offered by the Capra hosting. You can easily manage your accounts, install content management system. Control resources are in your hand. It offers matchless hosting packages. It’s shared hosting plans start from $1.41 per month. It provides reasonable, uptime and helpful support, all at a fair price to their customers. This site gives you scalable, speedy and secure environment, which will give you complete satisfaction.

 CapraHost Shared Web Hosting Features

Due to wide circle of shared hosting service’s market, the coming customers might get confused about the hosting plans to be chosen. For this we need to consult it with the web master and if you don’t have a consultant, then this article will help you to make the right decision. Caprahosting site provide fast and easy installation to their customers.

Here are some important features that help you to choose the right plan.

1. Disk Space & Bandwidth for shared hosts

For media, code files and data bases, we need some disk space to host a website. To get best performance we need to look on the band width and traffic data.

·        At, you will get 1GB disk space along with 15GB bandwidth per month for regular.

·        For standard, we will get 5GB space, along with 75GB band width per month.

·        For plus, you will get 20GB space along with 200GB bandwidth per month.

2. Uptime Ratio

It is the time when customer can easily get access to your site. At, you will get 99.9% uptime guarantee that means 24/7 service. It is high speed and reliable super-micro server. It has powerful Intel processors.


3.  24 hours Live Support system

At, you will get best dedicated support. It provides you control service; you can easily communicate with the support team. You will get the answers of all of your questions that you have. If you have any problem, you will get quick response from the team. It provides the user 24/7 technical support. And the customer is satisfied 100%. Always help and quickly sole the problems.

4. Pre installed application:

At, you will get advanced control Panel customization. Due to this we can manage and create our website most efficiently. It helps you to control the server processor.


5. Bonuses:

Different sites offer different bonuses to attract the customers. These include site building tool, free domain name at premium package, website transfer. At, you will get advice for marketing/ranking tools along with website transfer and free templates. It also gives their users SSL. It provides weekly site backup plans. In more than 745 zones, it offers free domains to be registered.

6. Security for shared web hosting package

This site gives you high security as it protects the user data from attacked by the viruses as well as hacker’s strikes. It provide unmetered data base. The user feels secured after purchasing shared hosting at Caprahost site.

7. Premium features:

·        High availability.

·        Mail box.

·        Mail client.

·        Speed of loading website is fast.

·        It provides high quality of hosting.

·        Sound privacy protection

·        Full proof security plugins

·        100% uptime 

8. Unlimited mail boxes:

At, you will get unlimited mail boxes.

9. Client warranty program:

You will get best client warranty program by getting reasonable prices along with many great features. Other sites increase their fees after one month.

10.             30 Days money back guarantee for shared host

This site gives you 30 days money back guarantee. First of all you will never have any complain but still if you are not satisfied with our service, you can get all of your money back to your account.

11.             Build and protect your brand: site protects your brand and it provides help in maintaining and building your own brand. This site works efficiently, quickly and carefully without any failure.

12.             Fast shared hosting services

Today world is fast world. People have no time to waste on loading. To get fast result this site is best. You can easily and quickly implement complex projects because of fast loading and users are highly appreciating this feature. This site provides speed and stability for best performance.   

 Benefits of Using Shared Hosting Plan:

·        It is affordable.

·      It has managed platform such that the user does not need to worry about the platform patches and server management.

·        Resources are shared among the individuals, organization and firms.

·        Here, It is easy to running your website.

·        It does not support the sites with high traffic so you can easily upgrade your package

·        There is the limited amount of bandwidth and disk space which is allotted to the user. There is a reason behind it because in shared web hosting, multiple websites are running and space is equally distributed among the individuals who are on the same server. But still it would be sufficient shared space for you. If you would need extra space, then you can email us

·        Your website’s performance would not be affected by our best shared web hosting.

Unlimited Shared Website Hosting

All that you may need to create and manage your successfully growing website, can be provided by our web hosting. Unlimited hosting with a huge number of high-quality cloud functions. All Premium and Business plans of our hosting include almost unlimited space on the SSD, traffic and many features to improve your site.

Best Cheap Shared Hosting

Save money wisely. Now you can buy web hosting at a low price without losing the quality of premium hosting. Only at Capra Hosting, you will find reasonable prices and many great features. Unlike other hosting sites, which change the prices for renewal up to 500% after the first year, we offer you the best price with our Client Warranty Program for the extension of the hosting period.

Free Website Builder.

Choose any site hosting plan and get the best website builder for free. Create your website without any technical knowledge and code, simply using the user-friendly interface of our free website builder. You can choose from hundreds of different templates from reputable web developers. Creating a website from scratch takes a lot of time and money, and our handy site builder will help you save them.

How does shared website hosting work?

Your site is primarily a collection of files and a database that is provided to visitors of your site in a certain way when they view it. Capra Hosting provides storage space for your website and database. After registering at Capra Hosting, you get access to the administrative panel of your hosting account. Capra Hosting provides a convenient and functional hosting control panel. With it, you can perform basic hosting account management, control resources, and their use, create email addresses, install CMS (content management systems), such as Joomla or WordPress.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting or Shared web hosting is the most inexpensive type of hosting, it is the most economical use of server hardware. Shared hosting is when different sites are hosted on the same server, and for each is allocated a certain amount of disk space and its other resources. The most suitable type of shared host for bloggers. Capra Hosting is providing shared hosting service at cheap rates.



Days money back guarantee

You can test our shared hosting services and we give you a money back guarantee. Purchase hosting package with confidence.

Build and protect your brand

Hosting a website is always easier but building and maintaining a brand is a tough job. We protect your Brand.