What is a rental server,Detailed explanation of its advantages and disadvantages

What is a rental server: Your Rental Guide in 2024

What is a rental server, Just as land is needed when building a house, a “server” as a foundation is indispensable for launching a web service. Servers can be purchased and used by individuals, but they are expensive and require technical knowledge and time to prepare for construction and daily operation. “Rental server” is convenient in such a case.

In this article, it is easy for people who use the rental server for the first time to understand, and we will explain the mechanism and advantages and disadvantages of the rental server.

What is a rental server? Explanation of the mechanism

What is a rental server, The rental server, words as “that of service to lend a server” is . It is possible to start the server from scratch, but it is a field that is difficult to use easily because it requires specialized knowledge to build and costs such as maintenance and server installation costs.

However, by using a “rental server”, you can use the server easily, safely and securely. Before we dive into the details of rental servers, let’s first look at “servers”. A server is a computer or software that provides information and processing results on a network. It’s a little difficult.

Think of a server here simply as “a place to store the data you need for your website or email .” The mechanism of the server is as follows.

1. Upload data

Website creator saves data on rental server

2. Request

Site visitors request website information

3. Response

What is a rental server, The server responds to the user’s request and sends back the website information

In this way, the server stands between the site creator and the site visitor, stores the necessary data for the website and email, and exchanges quickly, so the site creator can easily operate the site. I can.

What can you do with a rental server?
You can publish websites and blogs A server is required to open and publish websites and blogs. You can build your own server, but it’s difficult for the average person to do because it’s costly and time-consuming.

What is a rental server, On the other hand, the rental server is built and managed by the operating company, so even beginners can easily set up websites and blogs .

Affiliate sites and EC sites can be published
By using a rental server, you can publish and operate affiliate sites and EC sites.

Affiliate sites and EC sites can also be created with free blogs, but free blogs may end the service suddenly and are not recommended for those who want to operate the site in earnest.

With a rental server, the site does not suddenly disappear like a free blog. Even if the service of the rental server you have contracted with is terminated, you can continue to operate the site by contracting with another rental server.

You can use your own email address

What is a rental server, If you sign up for a rental server, you can use not only the website but also email. You can also use your own domain, so you can get your own email address for your business.

Some people may think that a free e-mail service is sufficient, but when using it for business, it is recommended to use your own e-mail address from the viewpoint of company reliability and anti-spam measures .

About the advantages and disadvantages of the three rental servers

There are three main types of rental servers.

“Shared server” to share one rental server with multiple users
“Dedicated server” that can use one rental server exclusively
“VPS (Virtual Private Server)” that virtually builds one rental server and shares it with multiple people
Let’s take a look at the features, advantages and disadvantages of each server.

Advantages and disadvantages of shared servers

What is a rental server, A shared server is a rental server that shares one server with multiple people . The running cost is low because the operating cost is borne by multiple users, and the management is easy because the operating company of the rental server sets and operates it. It is a server that is easy to use even for beginners because it does not require specialized knowledge about the server.

Advantages of shared server

  • Low running cost
  • It doesn’t take long to start using (it can be used relatively quickly)
  • No regular maintenance required (operated by the operating company)
  • Can be used by beginners without server expertise

Disadvantages of shared server

  • Only the same settings as other sharing users can be set, and the degree of freedom is low
  • Susceptible to loads from others
  • Security cannot be extended much because only services provided by the operating company can be added.


Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated servers

A dedicated server is a rental server that allows you to use the entire server exclusively . Since it can handle a large amount of access and heavy systems, it can be operated stably even in the development of large-scale sites and original applications.

Dedicated servers are often used as business servers because they are not easily affected by others and can be operated stably . However, it is a difficult server for beginners because it requires specialized knowledge for operation.

There is also a plan with root privileges (administrator privileges) on the dedicated server, which enables almost all operations granted to the administrator account, making it ideal for customer management.

Depending on the rental server company, you can choose whether or not you have root authority, so you can choose the most suitable plan according to the situation, such as those who are uneasy about having all authority or who want to operate it easily, so you can rest assured. is.

Advantages of dedicated server

  • Since one server can be used exclusively, it has a higher degree of freedom than a shared server.
  • Strong against mass access
  • Security measures can be taken with the plan of the operating company and your own settings

Disadvantages of dedicated server

  • You have to set up and operate it yourself, which requires time and specialized knowledge.
  • It takes time to start using because it is necessary to build a server
  • High running cost compared to shared server and VPS


  • Large-scale sites (websites, EC sites, etc.)
  • Customer management, employee management
  • Original application development etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS (Virtual Private Server)
VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a “virtual private server”, which is a rental server that creates multiple disguise server areas on one server and shares them with multiple people .

It is shared by multiple people, but unlike a shared server, it is completely separated and used, so it is not easily affected by the outside and can be operated at low cost. However, as with dedicated servers, the difficulty is high because operations such as setting and maintenance require specialized knowledge.

Advantages of VPS

  • High degree of freedom because it has its own dedicated area
  • Cheaper than a dedicated server
  • Security measures can be taken with the plan of the operating company and your own settings
  • Root authority (administrator authority) is granted

Disadvantages of VPS

  • You have to set up and operate it yourself, which requires time and specialized knowledge.
  • May be influenced by others
  • Due to the limited freedom, you can’t do anything like a dedicated server
  • Since it uses a virtual but physical server, VPS also goes down in the event of a server failure.


  • Website, EC site
  • Program development
  • As a game server
  • Points for beginners to choose a rental server

I found out that there are “shared server”, “dedicated server”, and “VPS” in the rental server, but beginners are wondering which one to choose after all. We recommend that you carefully consider what kind of site you want to create, and then select a rental server that has the functions to create the desired site.

The key to choosing a rental server is

  • Is it a server that fits the size of the website?
  • Is security secure?
  • Is the communication speed fast?
  • Is it a price that can be operated?
  • Server utilization
  • Ease of use of control panel
  • You should pay attention to.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of rental servers and choose the best one.

In this article, we have introduced the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of rental servers. “Shared server” which is easy to start even for beginners and has the best cost performance, “Dedicated server” which is popular as a server for business, and “VPS” which is a good combination of shared server and dedicated server.

  • Fee Maintenance Degree of freedom root privileges External influence Operational level
  • Shared server Cheapest provider × × receive Beginners
  • Dedicated server high user ◎ Selectable Almost never received For advanced users
  • VPS cheap user ◯ ◯ Hard to receive For advanced users

If you have expertise in servers and want to develop a large-scale site or your own system, we recommend a dedicated server or VPS, but if you are a beginner who does not have knowledge of server settings and maintenance, the rental server operating company is recommended. We recommend a shared server that will set up and operate it.

For those who think “I want to use it for corporations, but I don’t have specialized knowledge, so there are high hurdles for dedicated servers and VPS”, I recommend the CPI shared server SV-Basic.

SV-Basic is designed to be strong against centralized access, so it is a shared server that can be used not only by individuals but also by corporations with peace of mind . Of course, the settings and maintenance are done by the provider, so even those without specialized knowledge can use it.

What are the features of CPI shared server?

>> What is the shared server “SV-Basic” selected by corporations?

What is a rental server, When choosing a shared server rental company

What is a rental server, Does it have the capacity and functions that suit the purpose of use?
Is there a sufficient support system that even beginners can create a site without problems?
Please choose with an emphasis on.