What is a multiple domain compatible rental server?

What is a multiple domain compatible rental server?

Among the functions of the rental server, you will often see the notation “multi-domain support”. So do you know what that multi-domain support is all about? Multi-domain (multiple domains) is a very useful function when you create multiple websites in a company. Let’s check what the function is.

1. What is multi-domain (multiple domains)?

Multi-domain (multiple domains) is a function that allows you to create a website with multiple domains within one rental server contract. From now on, the notation will be unified to “multi-domain” in the text.For example, if you have acquired two domains, “example.co.jp” and “example.jp”, you can create two websites with URLs “example.co.jp” and “example.jp”. It means that you can produce and operate under one rental server contract. Of course, even if you acquire another domain additionally, it is possible to operate the acquired domain as well.Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for companies to run multiple websites. Not only large companies but also small and medium-sized companies often operate separate corporate websites for introducing companies and websites for products and services.Specifically, we operate corporate websites and intranets with the attribute domain of “example.co.jp”, and operate products and services with “example.jp”.In that sense, it is no exaggeration to say that a rental server with a multi-domain function that allows you to easily manage and operate multiple websites is now an indispensable function.

2. Advantages of multi-domain operation on a rental server

The advantage of operating in multiple domains is that, above all, it is very easy to manage multiple sites. If multiple sites are operated on different rental servers, the specifications of each rental server will be different, and the management of each website will become very complicated. However, by operating in multiple domains, it is possible to consolidate multiple sites on one rental server, and it is possible to efficiently manage and operate websites.In addition, when operating on multiple rental servers, of course, costs will be required accordingly. By operating in multiple domains, the cost of the rental server can be operated at the cost of only one server, which leads to cost reduction.

3. Disadvantages of multi-domain operation on a rental server

The disadvantage of using multi-domain is that it is operated by one rental server contract, so if any failure occurs in that rental server, all domains will be affected.Also, even if some rental servers support multiple domains, the number of domains that can be used is fixed. If you are considering operating multiple sites with multiple domains, check the number of available domains in advance.

4. Q & A about multi-domain

Here are some common questions about multi-domains. It’s a good idea to check these parts before making a contract.

Q: Can multi-domain be operated in any domain?

A: In many cases, you can use it including Japanese domains, but there are some rental servers that cannot accept some domains. Let’s check before making a contract.

Q: How many domains are available?

A: The number of domains that can be used in multiple domains varies depending on the rental server. Check the number of available domains in advance.

Q: Is it possible to operate all websites created in multiple domains with WordPress?

A: This is possible with most rental servers, but let’s also check the number of available databases.With the current WordPress, it is possible to use multiple sites with one database by changing the prefix, but it is recommended to check the number of available databases in advance. The prefix is ​​called a prefix in Japanese, and it is the first part of the name given to each data (table) in the WordPress database to distinguish which website it belongs to.

Q: I have acquired a new domain, will it be available as soon as I add it?

A: Not limited to multi-domain, general rental servers require DNS settings after adding a domain.Summary Nowadays, companies often operate multiple websites, and considering managing and operating multiple websites, it is best to choose a rental server that can use multiple domains.In CPI, even in the shared server shared plan “ACE01”, multiple multi-domains and multiple databases indispensable for CMS can be used.