The relationship between IP addresses and domains.Explaining the IP address used by Every One

The relationship between IP addresses and domains.Explaining the IP address used by Every One

IP address used by all Internet users.

When you use the Internet, you don’t have to be very conscious of it, but you always use an IP address.The IP address used when connecting to the Internet is used, but the IP address is also used when using the rental server. This time, I will introduce the basic part of the Internet, the IP address.

IP address is an abbreviation

An IP address is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Adress, which is similar to an address on the Internet. This is a numerical value for identifying devices on the network. It is used to ensure access to networked communication devices.The list of IP address numbers differs between IPv4 and IPv6. In the case of IPv4, which is currently in widespread use, it is a 32-bit binary number, which is expressed in decimal notation with every 8 bits separated by a dot (.). Therefore, 8-bit minimum and maximum numbers from 0 to 255 are used. Also, since IP addresses are just a lot of numbers, the one that makes it as easy to remember as possible is the “domain”. The IP address has been changed to a name that is easy for users to remember and use.You don’t usually need to be aware of this, but when using a rental server, there are many cases where the IP address and domain name are linked.A DNS server is used to link the IP address and domain name.

Global IP and private IP address

IP addresses can be broadly classified into two types.A “global IP address” assigned to connect to the Internet and a “private IP address” assigned to devices in the private network mainly used for corporate LAN.There are two main types of IP addresses. A “global IP address” that connects to the Internet and a “private IP address” that does not connect to the Internet, which is mainly used for corporate LANs.

Global IP address

A global IP address is an IP address assigned to all devices connected to the Internet. Among them are dynamic IP addresses and fixed (static) IP addresses. For example, when you use the Internet at home, you will be able to connect to the Internet by having your contracted provider assign you this global IP address.

Private IP address

A private IP address assigns a unique IP address to a device such as a personal computer or printer at home or work. Private IP addresses are mainly used from the router at home to the inside of the house. Like global IP addresses, there are dynamic IP addresses and fixed IP addresses.

Network part and host part

The IP address is divided into a network part and a host part. The first half of the number is the network part, and the second half is the host part. However, the boundary depends on the IP address.The network part and the host part have their own meanings, and the network part can identify the network to which the IP address belongs, and know which network it is used in.The host part is the part that identifies the communication equipment in the network.

Network part

For example, the IP address that indicates the location of the device when the network section is expanded has the following image. Enables access to devices with matching network and host sections.

Route to equipment

A device or router that can use NAT ( Network Address Translation) that translates a private IP address to a global IP address or vice versa is required.

Rental server and DNS server

The global IP address for accessing the web server and mail server will not be used as it is.It is the role of the DNS server to translate this IP address into a “domain name” that we can easily understand.When you enter in your browser from your smartphone or PC device, you will need your IP address to reach the server and display the website.The domain name entered in the browser is then passed to the DNS cache server. The DNS server will eventually translate this domain name into an IP address, and the browser will be able to reach the server to which that IP address is assigned.When you rent a rental server, you are usually given a fixed global IP address. Generally, setting the domain on the rental server means setting which domain name is associated with this IP address.

IP address is an internet address

We’ve looked at IP addresses in detail. IP addresses are the ones we always use when browsing the Internet or sending and receiving emails, even if we don’t understand what they mean or how they work.I usually use it in an easy-to-understand form called a domain, so I rarely see it, but it is an important address.Remembering how to read your global IP address and fixed IP address is useful in various cases such as when there is a problem with the Internet or when you connect to a new server.