The benefits of acquiring your own domain. If you do a business, take your own domain

Not only companies, but now individual users and services alone, many users are increasingly acquiring their own domains. “Increased” means that there is so much demand.This time, I will explain the “domain” used by many users, regardless of whether they are companies or individuals. Why do I need to take a domain? What does a domain do in the first place? Are there any precautions after getting it? If you have any doubts, please refer to it.

What is a domain

A “domain” is an address that describes where a website is located on the Internet. Even if we are not particularly conscious of domains, we use them every day for browsing websites and sending and receiving e-mails, and we cannot exchange e-mails or the Internet without using domains in our daily lives.

What is a domain?

There are “unique domain” and “subdomain” in the domain. If you are a company or do business with your own site, it is common to operate with your own domain, and subdomains are useful when you use your personal email address in the company.

What is a unique domain?

A unique domain is an original domain that contains the desired string. There is no domain with the same string, so it is the only address in the world dedicated to you.The unique domain is used on corporate websites, email addresses, personal blogs, etc., and can be acquired by anyone regardless of corporate or individual.* Please note that depending on the type of domain, there are restrictions such as corporations only and schools only.Once you decide on a domain, it is difficult to change it later, so it is a good idea to include the company name, service name, and region name so that it is easy for many people to remember and imagine. For example, ” ” contains the CPI of the service name, and ” ” can be expected to be an initiative closely related to Okinawa.

Can be separated by subdomain

If you want to send information different from the main site, you can use “subdomain” to separate it. A subdomain is a domain that is a subdivision of your own domain, and you can use it by inserting the desired character string in front of your own domain. In terms of the actual address, it is like having the same apartment name but different room numbers.

Can be separated by subdomain

The domain of the provider is usually used For example, in general, the personal email addresses that many people have are often free ones provided by the provider, so the domain below @ is the domain of the provider. As a familiar example, if you are using gmail for free, it will be the domain of the provider, such as “○○”.The personal email address used in the company borrows the domain of the provider or company and obtains its own address, so most of the email addresses below @ are the domain of the company.There is usually no problem with using such a domain, but if you change providers or leave the company, you will not be able to use that address.

Benefits of acquiring your own domain

Advantages 1. Reliability as a company

Have you ever wondered, “Is it okay …” if the website address or email address of the company you are dealing with is a free domain? While feeling distrust of phishing sites and spam, it can be said that the domain has a considerable impression on the other party. Therefore, it tends to be easier to give a sense of trust to your own domain than to the domain of the provider that can be used for free .

Advantage 2. You can have a domain email address

Once you have your own domain, you can create an email address using that domain. With “”, you can create an email address of “○○”, so if you use it for business, make sure that the website address and email address are consistent. It also leads to a sense of trust .

Merit 3. Can be raised as your own asset

One of the merits of using your own domain is that you can take continuous measures against excellent backlinks from search engines and other sites . Also, even if you change server companies, you can move freely if you have acquired your own domain. If you have a free domain, a new domain will be issued every time you move the server, so if you want to continue the domain power you have cultivated, you can say that your own domain is advantageous.

Unique domain type

There are various types of domains, each of which has a meaning as an address. Let’s take a look at the typical domains “gTLD” and “ccTLD”.

What is a gTLD?

gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) is a top-level domain divided by field and can be acquired by anyone regardless of country (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.) ..“.Com” is a corporate or commercial service, “.net” is a network service provider, “.org” is a non-profit organization, “.info” is an information provider, and “.biz” is a business. Since October 2013, a new gTLD has also been added, and it is now possible to acquire more than 1,000 types of domains related to place names, field names, company names, product names, etc.

What is ccTLD?

ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) is a top level domain assigned to each country or region (.jp, .uk, .ca, .au). “.Uk” stands for United Kingdom, “.ca” stands for Canada, and “.au” stands for Australia.

What is ccTLD?

It is a JP domain that anyone can register if they have an address in Japan, but there are attribute type domains that are distinguished by type of organization among JP domains, and it is possible to register up to 1 organization. “” is a company, “” is a network service, and “” is a government agency.

How to get your own domain?

To get your own domain, you can apply from the internet. You can register with a registrar who has a contract with a registry that manages top-level domains, or with a reseller who has a contract with a registrar.There are several sites that you can register, and each site has a different domain type, and certain domains are cheaper in campaigns, so please compare them.The domain has an expiration date! Precautions for handling The domain has an expiration date, and you can continue to use it by renewing it within the expiration date. Please note that if the renewal procedure is not performed, the domain will expire .

Attention 1. Website and email address will not be available

If you inadvertently forget the renewal procedure and unintentionally expire your domain, you will not be able to use your website or email address. Not displaying the website can result in a large loss of opportunity, and failure to send and receive emails can reduce the credibility of the company from its business partners.

Precautions 2. There is a risk of being acquired or misused by a third party

When a domain expires, you lose ownership of the domain, and a third party may acquire the domain. There is also a risk that it will be used as a phishing site, or that it will be misused for extracting personal information by creating an email address with a domain.In order to avoid such risks, it is good to be careful not to forget the domain renewal procedure , and even if the domain is abolished due to the end of service, it is good to keep only the domain for at least 5 years. Let’s do it.If you use it for business, it is recommended to acquire your own domain There is only one unique domain in the world. In addition, you can get a domain by entering keywords and names you want to enter, and you can make the address easy for anyone to understand and neat.There are also free websites and blog services, but if the service you are using is terminated or the rules are changed, the existing website or website address may become unusable. there is.Of course, using your own domain is also effective for SEO measures, and you can register and use your own domain just by setting it on the rental server.