How To Make More Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation By Doing Less

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, We offer a number of business ideas that will allow your company to distinguish itself favorably from other carriers and from the very beginning of work to arouse keen interest and massive demand of passengers.  Taxi “Get there for free” Marketing idea for organizing sales: a taxi company can issue and promote prepaid taxi cards , which travel per kilometer is much cheaper than without them – and a little cheaper than most competitors. At the same time, it is worth setting the validity period of the card, for which it is necessary to use (travel) the amount paid on it – in order to encourage passengers to regularly purchase new cards. It is worth mentioning in advertising that, in addition to being cheaper, cards are convenient because they can be bought not only for yourself, but also as a gift. Hotels can purchase such cards (say, for a dozen trips ) at the expense of the room price – and issue them to guests as a bonus difference between this hotel and others. Note that cards should be made both within the city and with the possibility of traveling to a suburb not far from the metropolis. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, The presence of a card in which prepaid travel outside the city cost, say, UAH 4.50 / km – and the prepayment was made long ago – will strongly stimulate such “shuttle traders” to take a taxi at least once. It will also be important for hotels to indicate to customers that they can use a card to get to a country airport without paying extra after crossing the city border. Finally, the appearance of a taxi with the possibility of intercity travel at a “reasonable” cost would be a breakthrough event. When implementing this and the next idea in advertising, you should also insist that prepayment will actually allow you to get there for free – at the moment when there is no cash left on your hands and there will be zero points on the card accounts. Such situations occur in life – and very many people would like to protect themselves from them by paying in advance and thereby significantly replenishing the working capital of your company.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Taxi-unlimited

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, The second idea is a maximalist version of the first – the ability to purchase a card that gives an unlimited number of intra-city trips at a certain time (in reality, you can set the maximum mileage per week or per month). This subscription unlimited option is especially convenient in small towns, in resorts – in which it is rather difficult to cover huge distances. But for a period of a week, everything looks much more promising: an unlimited taxi card for a week – this sounds not scary for visitors , but rather tempting. It will be convenient for hotels and boarding houses, again, to encourage guests to live somewhere for at least a week. For example, starting from seven days, the visitor receives an unlimited taxi card up to 400 kilometers.  And if the guest lives less than seven days, the card is issued, say, only for trips of fixed amount.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Vending on the road

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, In order for the passenger to choose your taxi, you need to give him not a fare that is cheaper , but some passing service, a double service. So, on the plane they feed, on the train you can buy tea; in the train and even in the subway in recent decades, you can buy a lot of little things. And in a taxi, instead of the front passenger seat in a taxi, it makes sense to put vending machines (rather flat: taking into account the non-obstruction of the visibility of the right rear-view mirror from the driver’s seat), connecting them to the car battery. How often we would like to sit in the car, have a snack on the way at least a chocolate bar, freshen up with something, buy a local souvenir before leaving (cheaper than at the train station and at the airport). And there are still a lot of options for what could be sold using a small specially ordered vending machine for cars – to sell at increased prices, of course. Operators of such a taxi can even offer customers a car with one or another machine – and the passenger, if he does choose one of the options, will stimulate himself and use the selected machine, despite the obvious mark-up on goods in it. To the attention of businessmen: there are still no vending machines in the aforementioned train cars, as well as in intercity minibuses. In this case, you don’t even need to make any special vendors : you can install the usual existing models. In passing, we note that there is also such a product as Internet access. The presence of a WI-FI emitter in a taxi is an increasingly important advantage for laptop owners – especially when it comes to a long journey between the airport and the city.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Taxi with a guide

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Another “trick” that can advantageously distinguish your taxi from competitors, even with some of its relative high cost, is the presence of a recorded guide text that reacts to the GPS coordinates of the terrain along which the car is traveling, and gives out small descriptive texts in an audio recording or on a special screen (the passenger must be able to press off). The same audio image can at the same time solve the problem of a radio or music disk, which is unpleasant for the passenger, and is turned on by the driver. By the way, this last problem can be solved with the help of another computer and technical know-how: a screen accessible to taxi passengers with an interface that allows them to choose their own radio station or a music record, an audiobook from many thousands of options.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Coupe bus

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Taxi companies require a large fleet of cars and staff. But what if you want to start with one or three to five vehicles(and there are several hundred thousand dollars in start-up capital)? In this case, it makes sense to occupy the niche of comfortable night bus transportation. Among the fleet of  companies there are buses in which the double rows of seats have been removed and replaced with compartments-compartments (there are up to 12 of them) with recumbent shelves for one or several passengers with decent design and full “compartment” convenience for individual sleep, reading, eating. Of course, the ticket price is calculated so that the total revenue is equal to the revenue for the standard interior design – more precisely, it even exceeds it, taking into account the serious costs of tuning. Despite the high cost, these companies are in massive demand not only on their route routes – but also a pool of orders for a whole elite bus from small companies, musical groups, as well as constant “travel calls” for “non-aviation” distances from government agencies. Which is undoubtedly possible with us. Business ideas that increase the profitability of route taxis, it seems to many entrepreneurs that the profitability of the city route taxi cannot be increased. After all, when the salon is filled to capacity, it seems that it is impossible to get more money from passengers – if you do not change cars or prices for travel. At rush hour this is partly true – and the rest of the time many routes run half-empty, and could fill up much more. How to achieve this result .We all see that public utilities in many cities are buying new big city buses, trolleybuses, trams – the process is slow but steady. And already in many places public transport is a worthy competitor to minibuses – not only in terms of price, but also in terms of convenience for passengers.  In addition, the taxi business is booming. Why do passengers do this – with a loss of time or to the detriment of their wallet, they prefer to ride in anything but a minibus? Because minibuses have a number of inconveniences and oddities ,easily and inexpensively fixable. This article is devoted to advice on eliminating inconveniences for passengers, which are not always obvious to the driver and route owner. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, In the title of the article, these tips are not without reason called “ideas that increase the profitability” of the business of carriers and / or the income of business drivers (after all, drivers whose revenue per day is fixed in the form of a certain amount, in relation to the proceeds in excess of this amount, are already businessmen themselves – directly interested in increasing passenger traffic). The use of these tips will undoubtedly make minibuses so much more convenient and preferred mode of transport – that considerable masses of passengers will change their minds to spend extra money on a taxi or wait for city public transport, and get on a minibus without hesitation.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Always stop at all existing stops

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, There is such a misconception: supposedly minibuses go twice as fast as public transport, because they miss many existing stops (we are, of course, talking about the streets on which transport stops have been around for a long time: where minibuses duplicate public transport). Currently, this is not the case – for the reason that we will discuss below. Most of the minibuses on the busy and built-up streets of megalopolises now reach from final to final in the same or longer time as large-scale public transport on the same route. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, However, the ability to famously skip stops for minibus drivers has become flesh and blood over the past two decades – it has become, alas, the trademark of this type of transport and business. And now, unfortunately, there is practically no city minibus flight in which an angry passenger would not shout after the driver missed a stop: “I said: at the stop!” This is a disaster. And these frustrations are exactly what many passengers do not always want to use minibuses. So, remember: in the city, on the streets with existing stops, you must stop at each of them. Firstly, it saves the nerves of the driver and the mass of passengers – no one will have to swear and be upset when the driver does not hear the request (or, after the request, will not be able to rebuild from the center of the highway for a long time). Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Secondly, the driver and passengers will lose a powerful tension caused by the expectation of a verbal request from the first – and the need to shout through the cabin, “in the ear of neighbors” (with the suspicion that the driver will not hear anyway) from the second. This calming down of tense people is worth a lot – and increases the loyalty of passengers to the route many times over. And thirdly, the movement of the car becomes smoother and more measured – without jerking the set and reset of speeds – which ultimately gives a neat ride. And such a ride – most often comes out faster than sloppy. Do not stand at the final stops for more than 20-40 seconds The second misfortune of fixed-route taxis is the use of terminal stops as a place for the driver to rest and rest. Here, an inconvenience is created not only for passengers, but also for all road users. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Here is an example: the final stop is near the metro station, the traffic on the adjacent highways is already tense, the mass of transit passenger transport slows down every minute, taxis waiting for passengers are huddled somewhere – and right there five to ten minibuses for 10-20 minutes freely occupy a hundred meters of adjacent to the sidewalk strip. However, the main thing, nevertheless, is mockery of passengers who, for unknown reasons, do not know how long to wait for the departure of the minibus on the flight. And here, to describe all the consequences of such situations, we need to go to the promised description of the reason why minibuses now travel slower than public transport. Public transport at each stop, including the final one, stops for an average of 10 seconds. I drove up, opened all the doors, the passengers went out and in, (for a few seconds, no one pays right away for a long time), the doors closed instantly, the car calmly drives on, and the conductor is already on the move. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, By the way, due to this clarity of the stopping process (including at most terminals), the movement of public transport comes out, again, more measured, clearer, more accurate. The funny thing is that this kind of driving in the end turns out to be faster than the current minibuses. The minibus at each stop takes, alas, 2-5 minutes, and at the final one – 10-15 minutes. This is due to the fact that the usual size of minibuses increased to 20-40 passengers – and the disastrous tradition of accepting payment by the driver has remained (since the days when minibuses were semi-cars, usually carrying up to a dozen passengers). Therefore, one door opens, each passenger at the entrance spends tens of seconds to pay for travel. And at the final stops during rush hour, this stupid business process reaches a dull climax: filling up the incoming line takes longer than the next ten-kilometer flight. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, This disease of the minibus business is easily treated: by hiring a conductor. And do not think that these are big expenses – there is a real financial gain here, as you will learn from the following advice. Calculate how many flights you will make with a conductor – and hire a conductor So, a minibus with a conductor will go much faster. The driver will not queue up to 30 people at rush hour. It starts instantly, as soon as all these people, paying nothing at the entrance, enter the salon – and this is 20, maximum, 30 seconds. The driver at intermediate stops will open the doors for a few seconds, not minutes. The won minutes will be “multiplied” with each stop – and, in the absence of traffic jams, will be given a ride in 30 minutes, where the minibus usually “went” for 45 minutes. As a result, for the same working time, each driver of the average statistical route will make 3-4 more “circles”. And this will give an average gain at a fare .That is how much the work of a conductor per day costs, even two conductors – for the first and second half of the working day. Therefore, you will not lose anything, but you will benefit significantly: Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, driver – stop fiddling with money, driving will become clearer and more continuous; passengers – flights of the route will become more frequent. And at the same time, the country will win – you hire people, pay taxes on their salaries – which is also important. Returning to the question of long parking at the terminal, we note: of course, after reaching the terminal, the driver should be given time to rest, have a snack, smoke, or have a cup of coffee, especially on a frosty day. But the place for such a stop cannot be the final stop. It is not for nothing that public transport long parking at most terminals is strictly prohibited. Therefore, the road carrier and its drivers (in conjunction with the city authorities) must agree on special parking places for their cars not far from the terminal – and, preferably, near cheap catering points, shops, kiosks. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, After settling, the drivers start to the final destination – to stop there for only 20 seconds, pick up the queue of passengers and immediately go on the flight. This is the ideal technical design for both passengers and drivers. In addition, in the place where the passengers do not go, the driver or conductor will be able to slightly clean up the cabin floor between flights – which is especially important on stormy rainy and snowy days. It seems to be a trifle – but remember that passengers put their bags, backpacks, and purchases on the floor in public transport. Along with the downtime at the endpoints, along the way, we will indicate that it is even more unacceptable to stop for 3-5 minutes at an intermediate stop – located near a metro station or a large market. This is an even worse mockery of existing passengers (often in a hurry) than being idle at the destination. After such a leisurely “fishing”, a sort of slow catching of passengers, in the minds of passengers, public transport and taxis simply tremendously benefit – moving in megacities clearly and continuously in the absence of traffic jams.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Always open all doors

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Here, I think, the meaning of the advice is obvious – if there is a conductor, it is strange not to open all the doors. But even if there is no conductor yet, opening all the doors at each stop will speed up disembarkation and landing, and reduce the pushing of people in the cabin. Do not think that every second passenger tries not to pay, and therefore you must certainly count everyone and not even let them through without payment (which happens in some cities at the exit, in some at the entrance). At least in megalopolises, the vast majority of passengers of minibuses will pay or present a document on benefits. Indeed, in them, unlike the “old” public transport, there has not emerged (and will not emerge) a stable tradition of free travel – and 90% of passengers in big cities can safely count on honesty.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Print the schedule at the terminal and in the salon

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, It’s no secret that minibuses have a timetable in megacities. At least – there is a time of the planned departure of each flight from the final stops (which is why minibuses at the final stops sometimes stand idle after filling the cabin, forcing all passengers to swear mentally). But for some reason carriers and drivers do not consider it necessary to share this timetable with passengers. Meanwhile, knowledge of the minibus schedule by its passengers would solve many communication problems – even taking into account the constant failures of any such schedules due to traffic jams and car breakdowns. If it is physically difficult to hang up a billboard with a schedule on the terminal, be sure to attach a printout with it in the salon. If we are talking about a minibus that has a wall-screen to the ceiling behind the driver’s seat, we specially emphasize: on this screen it is necessary for passengers to glue useful printouts, as well as everyone always needs a map of your city. And you shouldn’t hang unnecessary posters-calendars there.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Don’t turn on loud audio

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, There is no comrade in taste and color – many passengers will definitely not like the music or talk show that the driver listens to. And the driver, in a sense, is the passenger’s servant, and not vice versa – and should minimize the inconvenience for those whom he serves in this place. Therefore, as a last resort, you should listen to the radio or audio recording at minimum volume.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Transportation curtains are evil

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, And finally, a purely aesthetic, humanistic advice. We have already had to scold the love of curtains among the owners of intercity buses (by the way, on trains a white curtain with a half-window is a very strange, absolutely unnecessary invention, especially if there is a screen curtain for the entire window). So, for minibuses, the stupidity of hanging the sides of the cabin with cloth rags already reaches simply epic proportions. Why hang up breeding grounds of bacteria that get into the eyes, flying from the wind, reducing the illumination and the possibility of visual control of the road by passengers?From the bright sun? Look closely at the main competitors – large city buses, trolleybuses and trams, which sometimes have a larger window area per unit volume of the cabin than minibuses. There were no curtains in them, and never will be – even in the south, in Odessa and Krasnodar (and if curtains appear, sanitary and epidemiological stations will ban them). As it is easy to see, passengers in public transport in the summer for some reason do not suffer from the bright sun. Rather, in the domestic transport at our latitudes there is a lack of illumination, rather than an excess of it. Therefore, feel free to remove the curtains from the salon – you will have to wash, sew up, change less. Unless the rear window, if any, will have to be washed more regularly – it is slyly covered with a curtain so that months of dirt cannot be seen from the interior. But it will be good for your business – if the number on the route plate on the rear window is poorly visible due to dirt, fewer passengers “running” to the stop will sit down to you. Not to mention the banal possibility of a fine for a dirty car in the city.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, How to Increase Passenger Demand for Bus Transportation: Best Marketing Business Ideas

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Intercity buses for medium-long distances (300-1000 kilometers) in our country need to stimulate passenger demand – competition with carriage comfort and a recumbent seat of a reserved seat and a compartment is too unequal, moreover, they are cheaper than a seat in a bus. We will tell you how to charm the passengers of the “long-distance” auto route around the country so that they themselves lured all their acquaintances from trains to your buses with their stories. Carry two to three dozen folding chairs for long parking Store in the back of the cabin (or on ceiling racks; at worst, in the trunk) a series of light, country-style folding chairs (usually wood or wood-fabric). The fact is that during stops of 15-30 minutes, which are inevitable on a long bus journey, many passengers go out to “warm up” – but after five minutes the habit of the body to a stationary seat that has arisen during the hours of driving begins to give way. And then a dilemma arises: I want to sit down, but it is undesirable to return to a cramped bus ahead of time. In this situation, folding chairs would be regarded by most passengers as very nice care of the transport company. Keep 5-7 child car seats on the bus and do not forget to advertise this service of yours in advance, on the Internet, at bus stations, in the printing industry for displaying in mailboxes. Poor “carless” parents should be aware of the possibility of strengthening the baby in your bus not on their own handles, but on a separate seat that gently embraces the little passenger from the sides and has belts that eliminate the danger of moving off, knocking, and so on. From the point of view of effective marketing, it would be advantageous to sell a ticket for a separate seat for a child with a car seat for FREE, according to a birth certificate (but without the right to take a seat for an adult if the child did not go). All the same, the kids do not travel on their own: only with an adult who buys a ticket for themselves, most often – even with several adults. And the free transportation of children not on the pads of dads and moms would attract the hearts of so many parents to your buses. Replace your TV with power outlets and Internet peripherals Obsessively and continuously putting movies on the bus TV on a long voyage is a rare nonsense in the era of tablets and laptops that “every even” passenger has. Despite the fact that “every odd one” has a book in a printed or e-reader form in store for the road. Remove the antediluvian device called TV immediately – get out of the bus! And hang an extension cord with the maximum number of outlets on its outlet; put a powerful point of access to the Internet there – a base station Wi-Fi (together with a good antenna-modem on the bus and a paid high-speed wireless Internet package). Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, In addition to extension cords with sockets, you can put in place of the TV – a number of multi-chargers (this is such a “hedgehog” with pin plugs for several of the most popular brands of mobile phones at once). After all, it is not always convenient for a passenger to look for his charger (or impossible – most often it lies in a suitcase in the luggage compartment) – and connecting a mobile phone to such a “hedgehog” for a couple of hours is quite comfortable All this, again, do not forget to advertise widely. Don’t forget about the decoration of the bus tickets Alas, many carriers do not have any tickets at all – instead of them, the ticket offices of the municipal bus stations issue only miserable cash receipts that serve as bus tickets. And this is somewhat depressing. But after all, no one bothers you, in addition to checks, to use beautiful – as in museums and theaters – ticket forms with special envelopes for them: open your own ticket sales point (whose computer will be connected to the computers of the state network of bus stations) and sell your elegant tickets there. And then it will be convenient to use them as a gift. Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Cover the luggage compartment with beautiful plastic and wash after each flight Many beautiful buses on the outside have luggage compartments inside, associatively resembling an abandoned industrial outskirts of a rich metropolis – dust, rust, scraps of something; not every suitcase wants to be stowed in such storage. What to do to correct the situation – see the heading above this paragraph.

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, Don’t forget to advertise on / on the bus

Perspective Business Ideas For Passenger Transportation, And finally, an idea that will not increase passenger loyalty, but will increase your revenues (and maybe so much that you will lower ticket prices in comparison with competitors, and then passenger loyalty will still go up). We are talking about the use of all external (and maybe some kind of internal) surfaces of the bus for advertising. That is why – contact advertisers, diversify the appearance of your buses