Not found 404 Causes of errors, countermeasures and confirmation techniques

Not found 404 Causes of errors, countermeasures and confirmation techniques

A Not found 404 error is an error that is output when there is no page to display at the accessed URL (website address). Generally, it happens when the link is broken, the URL is entered incorrectly, or the redirect process is incorrect.In the case of CPI staff blog, the 404 written  page will be displayed.Website visitors should check that the URL they accessed is correct. If the URL you checked is correct, wait a while and then try accessing the site again.

How to check for Not found 404 errors on your site

You can use Google Analytics to check how much “Not found 404 error” is output on your site.Go to Google Analytics. Go to Behavior> Site Content> Landing Page. Add “Page Title” to the secondary dimension.Click “Advance” in the secondary dimension column to narrow down by page title.For the page title, actually display the Not found 404 error page and enter the title.You can see the URL where the user is actually getting a Not found 404 error.


The solution to the Not found 404 error is to eliminate broken links, so all you have to do is check the error page above and fix the link.Even if you correct the link, a “Not found 404 error” may be output due to a mistake in the URL. For such cases, you can reduce the withdrawal rate by preparing a “Not found 404 error” page and displaying a list of contents on the site.Not found 404 Preparing an error page Set up .htaccess and add the following code.ErrorDocument 404 404 https : // By adding the above code, 404.html will be displayed if the page cannot be found in the server.