How to reserve your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus?

How to reserve your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus?

Objectives of this article:

Understand why it is important to save your WordPress website Learn how to save your WordPress website with UpdraftPlus In this article we will see why it is important to save your WordPress site with a very easy to use and free plugin (for our use). But we will also detail how to do it step by step.

Why save your WordPress site?

Firstly, there are really two big reasons that push us to play it safe by making backups of our website:Bad handling on your part or that of your host Computer attacks And yes, sometimes deleting a default image (knowing the facts) or playing with its code when we know nothing about it can prove fatal for your site. Therefore, see your website as a chain link that represents your code. If you weaken a single link, everything collapses!Then, if there are anti-virus programs for our computers, it is because we are constantly subject to computer attacks. Some are even automated.Tell yourself that your website can be attacked anytime from anywhere.Finally, if your host does not automatically back up your website and one of its warehouses where your web server is stored catches fire (for example), you will have no way to recover your website … unless you make your backups on another platform!/! \ Unlike some web host, OVH makes automatic backups of your site. There is therefore the possibility of recovering your website on your web hosting platform.

How to automate the backup of your WordPress site?

First of all, let’s see in detail how to save our entire website automatically so as not to have to deal with it.Download the plugin “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin” The first step is to download the plugin “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin”.To do this, simply go to your WordPress interface and click on Extension> Add and search for “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin”. For my part, by searching for “backup”, it appears first because it is the most used.Once you have found the plugin, click on INSTALL then ACTIVATE.

Adjust plugin save settings

Then, once the plugin is installed and active on your WordPress site, you need to manually adjust it to be able to automate the task. To do this, still on your WordPress interface, click on Settings> UpdraftPlus backups then on the “Settings” tab.Firstly, the plugin offers you to configure the schedule frequency of file and database backups:


every 4/8/12 hours daily weekly bimonthly monthly It also asks you how many scheduled backups you want to remember.This is quite practical because if your website is programmed to make its backup every 4 hours and you realize that it is no longer operational after a week. Your site will have saved a dead site… So not really recoverable this way.Therefore, if you are not a keen blogger, I recommend that you back up your website weekly and retain the last 4 scheduled backups.Then choose which platform you want the backups to take place on. You do not have to configure the platform linked to your backups for now.Finish the first plugin settings. For my part, I use Google Drive because I find it very easy to use and it is the one I use the most but you can use other platforms without any worries. In each of the backups that the application will make, there will be, depending on your choice:the extensions the themes the sent files any other directory found in wp-content Besides, I even advise you to leave everything checked by default, you will not pay more.Note that the automatic backup does not allow you to recover the core of WordPress , which is not very annoying since it can be recovered from, by checking the last box, you can choose to receive an email containing a simple report during each backup. Personally, I do not recommend it because of little interest. Once you have adjusted all these parameters, you can click on SAVE.Allow access from your Drive to the plugin to make automatic backups When you click on SAVE, a pop-up will appear so that you authorize him to access your Drive. Click on the link that appears to be redirected to your Drive to connect.Then, when you are logged in, click on AUTHORIZE on your Drive. Then on COMPLETE SETUP on the new page that opens.Once it’s done, it’s done, you don’t have to do anything more. All the backups will be done according to your settings automatically.You can even do your first backup now for safety by clicking SAVE NOW.Likewise, to check the correct functioning of the plugin, you can go to your Drive and see if the UpdraftPlus folder is present and if the backups are done on a regular basis automatically. But there shouldn’t be a problem.